Reading at Night

Last night, I finished Part I of The Last Girl. That’s barely 35% into the book. My eyesockets were burning from fatigue, so I decided to put my Kindle down and call it a night.

I find it very difficult to read during the day, because that’s when chores happen and more precisely, when life happens. It is equally difficult for me to read even in a semi-quiet café because any noise or movements would distract me, pulling me straight back into the real world.

This is partly why I take a long time to finish a book. I would read the same book every night until I finish it. There are nights where I have documents to work on and rush for clients. Then there are simply days which have worn me out so much that I could barely read a page without yawning.

I envy those who are able to read amidst busy surroundings. I did manage to get some reading done when I’m flying and between transits. I no longer read in trains because I have missed my stop many times I gave up. Now that I’m traveling less, and have my own car, there goes more ways to stuff good reads in between commutes.

So, it’s just bedtime reading for me. But at least I’m still reading!

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