Confession: Book Thief

The first and last time I stole a book, I admit it was an unspeakable action, but I was desperate.

I searched high and low. I went to local bookstores to enquire but neither carried it. One had the courtesy to ask me if I’d like to place an order. I said, “Yes, please! Thank you!” After fiddling with the computer and talking on the phone, he came out from his officeand told me it could take up to three weeks. And even so, he couldn’t guarantee that they might have “stock”.

I ended up researching ways to get my hands on the book. I went on Taiwanese and HK online bookstores.

I even asked my friend who travels back and forth Taipei (she’s Taiwanese) often but her next trip won’t be anytime soon.

And I wasn’t even looking for the eBook. I was looking for it in cold, hard, print.

One click led to another, and I ended up on a site that carried the eBook – illegally. Mind you, it was my first time figuring out how to get an illegal book downloaded in the right format, and then getting it to work on my Kindle. I was also paranoid about viruses. Hence, I had a lot on my mind.

First, I was stealing.

Second, format, virus, mental consequences.

So what book was it?

The book was penned by a Taiwanese author, who took her own life not long after publishing her “novel” and not long after doing an interview to talk about her book.

Her name, is Lin Yi-han. You can read about her tragic story here (link leads to BuzzFeed).

I have a habit of removing a read book from my Kindle after completing it. But not this one. I owe it.

It serves as a reminder not to steal books ever, again.

p.s. next: a follow-up post on Billion Dollar Whale… might be ranted.

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