2018 Reading Challenge

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 3.32.13 PM

Ah-ha! The infamous reading challenge that gets readers feeling either super accomplished or super f****d.

Here’s how mine started out. I started with 20 books – always start small – and then upped it to 25, 30, 35, 40. It’s now 40, and since it’s already late October, no point upping it to 45.

So far, I’ve reached 42 books, but few of them are lies. Out of no where, I found books on my to read and currently reading list that were read a while back (some, years ago; all physical books), and it got me clicking. While at it, I completely forgot about the system. Once you change it to ‘read’, well, the 2018 Reading Challenge will count it as books read in 2018 (duh). I did try to switch the “date read” to fake yesteryears (so as long as it’s not 2018), but a bug was in my way because I didn’t succeed.

Here are the three books that I “read” in 2018, when in fact I didn’t. (I need to state that Goodreads allows you to re-read books and count it as another read, but I didn’t re-read these books.):

Then, here’s a couple which I read in 2018, but it was so short that it shouldn’t be counted as a book!

Lastly, a book that I bought on Audible and Kindle, which I’ve read pretty much three decades ago, so it doesn’t/shouldn’t count:

There – six books in total.

I’m currently *still* reading Bad Blood, among few other books. In my next post I’ll discuss one of the 36 (and more) books I’ve read in 2018, which I hope will be a complete list by year-end!

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