No Need For Debate

Apparently there are never-ending debates in every possible nook and cranny you can find online over how it doesn’t count as a read when you listen to audiobooks.

If you don’t use your eyes, you didn’t “read” the book.

That’s one.

Then there’s the other:

The eBook doesn’t really count as a “reading experience” because you didn’t hold a real book. Hence, you didn’t read the “book“.

Really. People are people!

For me, none of the above matters, so as long as,

  1. You don’t steal books.
  2. You don’t read stolen property even if you didn’t steal it.
  3. You take great care of borrowed books.
  4. You return borrowed books on time (be it library or friends).
  5. You pay the necessary fine if you’ve ruined the book.
  6. You purchase a new book to replace the lost/ruined book (Have some manners. Used books are fine, but please ask the owner before you go online and buy a rundown copy).

That is all.

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