Books Within The Prison’s Library System (If There’s Even One)

I just read a hearty post shared by an avid reader who was thrown into county jail (reasons withheld). She was so thrilled to have stumbled upon a tiny library albeit a poor collection of good reads, mostly romance and law books, which definitely didn’t sound like the library in Orange Is The New Black at all.

Her little story has inspired many in the group to donate books to local prisons (myself included). It was disheartening to read from a first-person account on the staggering amount of people couldn’t read, but struggled to try (some just gave up) because there simply wasn’t anything else to do or turn to.

I know I could help. I know I should help. I am completely clueless as to how our prison system works let alone the government resources they have that were being allocated.

Early this year, I read a news article on Daily Express where a young father was thrown into jail for six months, for stealing – here comes – soap bars. It was meant for his little family. He was imprisoned for half a year. For soap bars.

They need support. And if we can’t support them by helping them financially when they are released (they need jobs!), maybe we can give them something – books – and hope for the best where they could self-learn, and maybe, for a moment, mentally escape their dire surroundings.

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