Read: Daddy’s Curse


I have to admit – I didn’t catch the title’s drift until after I’ve finished the book. I gave it 5 stars. I think I was a bit biased, and Amazon banned me (I have yet to contest the ban, but I’ll be on it as soon as I have the time to spare. Because, you know, some things are simply not worth the time of your life).

Unlike most books on trafficking, this wasn’t written by a journalist, or someone with a journalistic background (I’ve read more than 20 books on human trafficking, and nearly all of them are written by investigative journalists). I was aware of this fact before deciding to purchase this read.

I’m not going to delve into the storyline or the synopsis. There are countless websites for that.

Here’s what else I did. I got in touch with the author and we managed to exchange a couple of emails. Here’s why. Somewhere in the author’s page, I learned that he was adopted. Being an aspiring writer myself with the growing gains and pains as an adoptee, I felt an instant connection. So I sent him an email about the book and told him that I, too, was adopted. There were a couple of exchanegs back and forth and then we lost touch (the author was working on his next book – writing and publishing, which I’ve purchased and yet to read). It won’t be hard to reconnect. It just takes passion and time.

So that’s the story of my journey with this book. It’s a quick and intense read, one could easily finish it in one or two settings, tops. While the writing can be improved, I don’t think it needs to. Every writer has his/her own way of storytelling. Just because I am used to the “investigative” way of storytelling doesn’t mean I should deprive myself from appreciating other writing styles.

If you like to travel, chat and listen to local folklore and tales, make lasting friendships, learn of others’ lives and hardships, hope to be a better person and pay it forward, this book is for you.

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