Read: Unbelievable

katyturWow. What can I say. I read this right after Fire And Fury! It was a back-to-back WTF reading experience, and needless to say, it wore me down and I never recovered to wanting to read another book on Trump, not even Bob Woodward’s Fear.

(I’m not even on the fence on Fear. I assume it’s gonna be same shit, different book, similar perspective. What I need, even though 2018 is already coming to an end, is another book. Not a Hillary-bashing book. But a pro-Trump book that would make (or “made”? Have I missed that boo?) the same waves as Fire And Fury did. Any recommendations?)

So, why did I choose Katy Tur? Am I family with her? No. Do I know her? Not quite. Have I seen her report live from anywhere during the presidential rallies? Nope. Do I even follow her on Twitter? Not then.

(Okay, just because I don’t know who she is doesn’t mean I don’t know shit. I’m a big fan of Cooper and Amanpour. I’ve even read Dispatches from The Edge when it was released years ago.)

So why did I pick this up? Because she’s a female reporter amidst all those nasty xxx allegations against Trump? Not gonna lie. Yes, very likely. But I think the bulk of it came from reviews. Reviews that were rather riveting before its release, which felt almost as good as Fire And Fury (I pre-ordered Fire And Fury on Kindle).

How was the book? I gave it 5 stars. She’s a journalist, and the fact that she could write better than how I could control my breathing only made the book a better read.

If I were to sell this book and get people to read it… Here’s a pathetic attempt anyway:

She covered the presidential run. She was a journalist before Trump wanted to be POTUS. She’s used to stressful situations (going live on TV when you have nothing much savvy (it’s Trump) to report on is very stressful). She roped in bits and pieces of her private life (think struggles with relationships with a very demanding job). Plus – these are important, history-making anecdotes leading up to the election of The Most Powerful Man in the World.

Pick it up. You’re bound to enjoy the ride.

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