Read: Between The World And Me

I recently completed this read. It didn’t pop-up on my radar until I got fed-up with The Hate U Give

Random Internet find: “HBCUs were founded in response to segregationist policies that prevented African-American students from attending the same schools as white people.” Link here (Warning: Betsy DeVos will pop-up).

Last but not least, this is a very American book. Not quite meant for an international audience, but local. I found myself slowing down to do some research, which is always a good thing. I also had to skim past medieval literary references (because I don’t like that genre), which isn’t always a good habit I admit… Not much mention of pop elements, though a lot on the lines of Martin Brown and Trayvon Martin.

This isn’t a real review of the context of the book. Because I know, that I am no where close to be able to write anything substantial, let alone smart.

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