Reading For Different Reasons

It’s like tennis, you know, people play for different reasons. I just finished Netflix Elite Season 1. In one of the final few episodes, Ander’s dad handled his son’s coming out perfectly well, but with a twist – he wants his son to continue playing tennis and use his sexuality to win over sponsors and hopefully become the first gay man to win a world tennis championship.

So why do you read?

Some people read to challenge themselves, like, fuck, I’m pushing forty and haven’t read 20 books my whole fucking life. Maybe it’s time to start reading some shit.

Some people read to pass a test. Grade. You get the picture. They force it upon themselves just so that they could move on within a failed system.

Some people read because they want to gain popularity. Look! I’ve read this year’s top 100 fantasy novels. Hey, I pre-ordered Stephen King’s latest book, man. Can’t wait, man. I’m gonna be the first to finish it and post the first review on Goodreads, man.


Some people read because they are bored. BORED. This, I admire. Because, when I’m bored, the last thing I can ever do, is read and concentrate on what I’m reading. Good for you.

Then there are those who read because “It’s my hobby, I love to read!” That’s one of the weirdest bull-hobby I ever wrote when I, along with others, were forced to write our hobbies down during random class assignments and even during Sunday School. But okay then. So, I don’t have a hobby, unless you call solo backpacking a hobby, then sure, I have one. Otherwise, reading is not or shouldn’t be called hobby. Despite the existence of this blog.

What about those who read because they just need to step into another world other than the one they are forced to living in? Or perhaps that’s the only thing they are allowed to do, or could do, especially in times of despair?

What about those who read because they genuinely want to enrich themselves with wisdom they have no access to in real life?

What about those who read because they don’t think they deserve to be living the life they were born with?

What about those who read because they just want to disappear into oblivion on purpose?

Whatever your reasons are, you read because you are able to, and you should know that there are many people who want to read but do not have the means to. From forbidden to visual impairment, may you appreciate your access to reading no matter where you are, and who you are.

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