TBR: The Fact Of A Body

Someone was asking about whether there were any writers who might be cooking up something within the “creative memoir” genre. I was intrigued and I left the author a question (verbatim):

Hi! I love memoirs but am unfamiliar with “creative memoirs”. Can you name a couple that falls under that category?

To be shit honest, I was this close to asking whether Kevin Zalinsky’s memoir, I’m Still Working On It, might be a work of creative memoir. But I didn’t.

Anyway, this was her reply (verbatim):

[my screen name] sure. The Fact of a Body is a memoir woven (chapter for chapter) with a true crime novel – the crime was the author’s investigation as a lawyer into a murder that happened in America where a boy was found murdered and the mother testified on the defendants side, the memoir part centered largely around her relationship wth her parents and grandparents. The themes of forgiveness linked the two stories.

Followed by another (verbatim):

Also Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales talks about her struggle with her son’s illnesses at birth. She talks about the Australian terrorist attack at the Lindt Cafe and the Aussie cricketer who died on the field when struck by the ball and how these events unsettled her. It then goes on and interviews people who are victims of sudden and unexpected tragedy and how they overcome it.

Thank you, stranger! I’ve added them to my tbr pile on Goodreads.

Note to all: This is one of the many ways on how I, or you, could should be discovering your next great read. Oftentimes, one-on-one recommendations would usually end up somewhere, compared to one-on-many. There are hundreds if not thousands of reading and writing groups online, choose a few good ones, stick to them. Most importantly, though, don’t be shy to ask silly questions you might think of as stupid silly. Be humble and remember to always say thank you!

p.s. In case you’re wondering, here’s the earliest part of the thread, asked by the author (who else!):

I’m really loving creative memoirs at the moment. Anyone writing one who wants to share?

And the best part?

This took place in a specific, non-fiction writers✒️ group! Not even a book 📚 club 😉

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