Read: Gangs of Stockholm

Gangs of Stockholm by Luke G. Dahl

This is the only book I read in 2018 where I corresponded with the author via email a couple of times. I’m so glad to have wrote him, because he wrote back!

Like many readers out there, we read certain books to support new authors; all without any exchanges (e.g. gifts, cash, follow-backs, etc.), we voluntarily give them reviews so that they could gain some exposure through our reviews. So yeah, this was one of those reads for me.

I choose not to divulge what the author has shared with me – but in all, the book was a good read as it gave me a glimpse inside a city I am unfamiliar with – Stockholm. Bits of culture, family values, school life, etc. There’s a little love story entangled within the violent pages, amidst the dangers leading a double life (normal kid in gang).

p.s. I got into trouble with Amazon over one of his books. I stupidly mentioned in one of my book reviews (not this book) that we corresponded. It wasn’t even a biased review, as in favorable toward the author (I be damned as I didn’t screenshot my review), and I didn’t even give that read 5 stars. Regardless, Amazon Books, being the sh*th**d they always are, decided to ban me from their platform. So while I still get to purchase books, I am no longer allowed to post reviews. What bollocks!

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