Read: Not That Bad

Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture by Roxane Gay

I had a selfish thought halfway through this book. I had a hard time keeping up with certain essays not because I couldn’t identify with their culture (culture has never been a barrier for me in reading), but because I couldn’t identify with them – who were these women, what are their nationalities, where were they originally from?

Since I’m not familiar with roughly 80% of the contributors (FYI, Roxane Gay didn’t write this book), I found myself having to Google each and every one them (probably 4/5 of them didn’t have ‘Wiki’ pages, though I could be wrong – but that estimate was what my memory had presented me with), before I was able to carry on with their respective essays.

I won’t delve further. It’s just sad to know that most men won’t pick up this book. So what hope do we women have (left)? Empowerment. We empower each other with our often traumatic experiences so that other women can, hopefully, do better, know better, and have the courage to call out indecent behavior and not think twice before KICKING THOSE GROINS.

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