Read: Ruthless

Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me by Ron Miscavige (with Dan Koon)

I read Troublemaker before getting my hands dirty on Ruthless. There’s no other way to put this – So here goes: Sometimes, being in a free country can really mess people up especially when it comes to cults and religion. You are deemed as ‘voluntary’ under really f*cked-up circumstances and bystanders can’t do much because of freedom of this, freedom of that – all legal, oddly speaking. When the lunatics abuse it, well – I’m sorry I can’t find a way to end that sentence.

Good read, highly recommended as this isn’t just another “I escaped from Scientology and here’s my harrowing story” book – This one’s authored by David Miscavige’s dad, ffs.

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