Still Reading: Operation Playboy

Operation Playboy by Kathryn Bonella

I once had to explain to my team why I enjoy reading, or in my then boss’s words, “Why do you like to read so much?” So, I said this:

Reading is like coming to a bonfire by the beach. Where you sit in a circle, on some logs, with imaginary strangers, and wait for the storyteller to begin his/her/their magic. Sometimes the story comes to a hang, because the storyteller has something else to attend to, or someone, me, had to leave for a while. So we all disperse, and return another day, or time, and continue listening, until the storyteller finishes the story.

That is how I manage to return to the same story (book) despite a short or long absence. You just get back in, put the world behind, and read, listen.

Sometimes, I have to attend to worldly things and I am unable to make time to finish, or, stay till the storyteller finishes the story. Well, sometimes the storyteller needs a break. Who knows?

I don’t care how long I take to finish a book. What I do care is that I keep coming back to it – To hear the storyteller, and experience the magic, the heartbreak, the awakening, the lesson, the, everything.

p.s. This is my 100th post! Nice!

p.s. ETA 29th March 2019: I’ve finished this book! I don’t know when. Gave it a 4 stars!

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