Read: The Dark Heart

The Dark Heart by Joakim Palmkvist (Author) and Agnes Broomé (Translator)

This book speaks volumes. VOLUMES. Volumes of unnecessary hoarding of family fortune – to an extent of (likely) mental abuse. But then again! Here comes my usual line as a reader – What do I know?

Also, extremely brave of one of the subject matters – Therese Tang, of Missing People Sweden. If it weren’t for her, Göran Lundblad would still be buried 6.5 feet under, in his own farm; one that he’s been so overprotective over, even from his own daughter and loyal worker (specifically Sara Lundblad, who planned his murder).

Curious as always, I followed Therese Tang on Instagram, a spur of the moment thing because I wanted to see how normal of a person she is, while imagining her (and her role) in the book. Martin Törnblad, the murderer, might be released in 2026. Would he hunt her down and kill her, for ‘betraying’ him? Therese’s IG is not private. Her life is there for him to see. I suppose she’s trying to live a normal life, a life without fear.

But what do I know? Without her bravery, families wouldn’t have closure. Martin would’ve probably killed Sara for God knows what mental reason, and the list of probabilities goes on.

The book was dry in bits, but necessary. Though you may need to bear with some geographical facts which can be a bit heavy to digest (and get your bearings).

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