Break from Books: Sand Journal

I came across Sand Journal thanks to a writing group I’m part of lurking at in search of wisdom writing tips.

I’m drawn to Sand because it is open to everyone, unlike certain lit magazines that only accepts submissions from established writers or simply, famous people who wrote something because they’re famous (and got themselves a great team of professionals). I’m just generalizing (shameless), but you get the idea.

Note: The PDF costs €5, after conversion, it’s less than $6. This is Issue #17. To get a copy, click here.

On Writing

I’ve been struggling for decades on keeping a journal of sorts. There are weeks where I could go on a perfect streak, then there are days when I just give up, yield to life, and stop writing. Because it didn’t matter.

I gotta work this glamorous job and make some real money, not write,

I would convince myself. And it usually works. It always worked.

I’ve since deleted all those writings, all those blogs. It’s tragic, but it had to be done, it had to be destroyed. Perhaps it was more than a useless ghost. Perhaps it was shame. Perhaps it was all fabrication, too ugly to be seen under the light of fiction.

When is a good time to take care of one’s health? When is a good time to be closer to family? When is a good time to go on that dream vacation, take that bucket list sky jump, spend that last savings on a superbike? When is a good time to tell others that your time is your life and you’re done working for the family business?

The time is always now,

Says friends. Says I. Says everyone else.

The time is always now.

So if you’re into reading and writing and procrastinating, you’ve got some cleaning up to do.

Traveler: Tempting, But

I’ve been contemplating for at least three months whether to get the Traveler: Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool, or a new cellphone (I just need more storage and RAM).

But today, I had an epiphany. Big word! But what I’m about to reveal is common sense.

Here goes – the delivery date.

June 2019.

That’s the end of Q2 and the beginning of Q3 in corporate speak.

That’s eight months from now!

And that’s also probably two years in tech calendar. I’m being conservative, but also generous.

They say good things come with time and patience.

But this is technology. There’s no waiting time, especially not in technology. If you catch my drift…

Goodbye, Traveler. I wish you well, and I hope when June comes, I haven’t moved on from this one-sided, lunatic break-up…