Most Hated Character

There was a thread on a book nerd lovers’ group on Facebook yesterday which asked everyone to name their most hated character. Responses are still trickling in as I type.

I asked rhetorically if nonfiction was allowed and said mine was Casey Anthony. Someone asked me which book and I replied it was Imperfect Justice, written by Jeff Ashton. At least someone appreciated a nonfictional character.

Anyway. I was screening the list looking for some inspiration and a rather common name caught my eye. It wasn’t a fancy name like Bayleigh or Ayakae, nor did it mention the book’s title.

It was stated in an as-a-matter-of-fact manner, as though everyone should know who she is, like Juliet Capulet.

Her name was Amy Dunne.

Since I don’t read fiction as a hobby (I’ve read 3 or was it 4, one was erotica, so proud of it), obviously I didn’t know who she was so I had to Google her.


Gone Girl.

So it’s famous. Sure. With all the ratings and all.

Heard of the title, but never googled it nor purposely stopped to read any reviews about it (likely because I knew it was fiction). Didn’t know it was made into a film (or series?) neither.

(Which is fine. Not many people knows that Mariane Pearl was played by Angelina Jolie).

(cue *who’s Mariane Pearl?* from clueless crowd)

But I’m intrigued! The storyline seems cliché af, but I particularly liked the part where Amy believes she shouldn’t have been born. Darkness always sells, doesn’t it!

So I’ve added it to my Amazon wish list.

I doubt it will ever go on sale (99¢ – $1.99 kinda thing), but in case it does, I’m so gonna be the next Amy Dunne-hater.

I was clueless af over Gone Girl, but thanks to this thread, I am slowly expanding my tbr-fiction horizon!