TBR: Mothers of Massive Resistance

Mothers of Massive Resistance: White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy by Elizabeth Gillespie McRae

First book on my TBR pile for the year. I think I will get to it before I get to the 100+ unread books which are already sitting in my Kindle… Such is greed reading life.

TBR: Operation Playboy

(my 7yo wanted to include his Ford Mustang so I let him.)

This book was on sale and I caved. Not because I don’t have enough on my purchased+tbr pile, but because I have read three of her books and all three were in hard copies, so instead of getting an ebook, why not get the real book to complete the collection!

(I was choosing between Ken Mogi’s Ikigai and this).


A friend of mine recently traveled to a city which has one of the best bookstores in the region. Unfortunately, though, the region is called Asia. So the book selection, well, let’s not elaborate on that. Before he took off, I’d asked him to get me In Extremis by Lindsey Hilsum (preferably hardcover, I rarely spend on hardcovers). Few days later, he sent a text, saying they didn’t carry the book. I’d have to order (from them) online.

“Yeah. Sure. Might as well get it online then,” I replied. He caught my drift.

“I’ll check at the airport, too, but don’t get your hopes up,” he said.

Two days later. A text came.

“The Malaysian government has banned your book.”

“What??? F**k them, I’ll get it from Book Depository! They can go f**k themselves!” I replied.

“It was a joke. The airport doesn’t have it, neither.”

We exchanged couple more texts and decided to accumulate some books, and he’ll be the one placing the orders online.

I was looking forward to In Extremis being my first real book in years, but it failed to suffice. Guess having Operation Playboy ain’t that bad. Afterall, she’s an accomplished investigative journalist – my Achilles heel.

Also added her to my project page, “Journalists + Books”.

Here’s another photo I took before the Ford Mustang drove by.

p.s. I’ve read three of her books: Schapelle Corby – My Story, Snowing in Bali, and Hotel K. Quick, but insightful true crime reads. I’ll leave you with the following page (from Operation Playboy), and –

Happy reading everyone. Merry Christmas.

Deal: Book Dash!

Guilty. The 15% credit means something, but not everything because it expires in 30 days. My love-hate relationship with Amazon, not just books, is really fucked-up. I’m gonna have to dig up another book from my wish list to make it worthwhile. And they are really good with this whole ebook credit thing over the past year. Well done, Bezos…

And so it was a great excuse to buy two books I’ve been shamelessly putting off, hoping it’ll go on sale some year down the decade. Here’s my loot (adding to my dangerously growing unread-but-purchased pile):

  • In Extremis by Lindsey Hilsum
  • Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Here’s🥂to great reads📚, courageous authors✒️, and a brilliant 2019 Reading Challenge!

TBR: The Fact Of A Body

Someone was asking about whether there were any writers who might be cooking up something within the “creative memoir” genre. I was intrigued and I left the author a question (verbatim):

Hi! I love memoirs but am unfamiliar with “creative memoirs”. Can you name a couple that falls under that category?

To be shit honest, I was this close to asking whether Kevin Zalinsky’s memoir, I’m Still Working On It, might be a work of creative memoir. But I didn’t.

Anyway, this was her reply (verbatim):

[my screen name] sure. The Fact of a Body is a memoir woven (chapter for chapter) with a true crime novel – the crime was the author’s investigation as a lawyer into a murder that happened in America where a boy was found murdered and the mother testified on the defendants side, the memoir part centered largely around her relationship wth her parents and grandparents. The themes of forgiveness linked the two stories.

Followed by another (verbatim):

Also Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales talks about her struggle with her son’s illnesses at birth. She talks about the Australian terrorist attack at the Lindt Cafe and the Aussie cricketer who died on the field when struck by the ball and how these events unsettled her. It then goes on and interviews people who are victims of sudden and unexpected tragedy and how they overcome it.

Thank you, stranger! I’ve added them to my tbr pile on Goodreads.

Note to all: This is one of the many ways on how I, or you, could should be discovering your next great read. Oftentimes, one-on-one recommendations would usually end up somewhere, compared to one-on-many. There are hundreds if not thousands of reading and writing groups online, choose a few good ones, stick to them. Most importantly, though, don’t be shy to ask silly questions you might think of as stupid silly. Be humble and remember to always say thank you!

p.s. In case you’re wondering, here’s the earliest part of the thread, asked by the author (who else!):

I’m really loving creative memoirs at the moment. Anyone writing one who wants to share?

And the best part?

This took place in a specific, non-fiction writers✒️ group! Not even a book 📚 club 😉

TBR: In Extremis

Marie Colvin (January 12, 1956 – February 22, 2012)

Finally, a book on Marie Colvin, although not by Marie Colvin. This is what the world needs, a biography of a fearless journalist, a written legacy to remind us that we need journalists like Marie Colvin, and of course, Lindsey Hilsum, the author herself.

I bought Sandstorm (Lindsey Hilsum’s first book) but I haven’t gotten to it yet, and now this! Sometimes it’s hard to get my priorities right. Should I blog about books, read my books, take a break from my books, be a parent, do some chores, make some money? The answer will always be – do it all at once!

p.s. For those of you whom might be interested, there’s a tribute book on Marie Colvin, titled On The Front Line: The Collected Journalism of Marie Colvin. As I write this, it is currently priced at $0.99 on Kindle, though not for long. If you’re in my vicinity and would like to check it out, I have it in paperback as well, just drop me a line.

Added TBR: Between The World And Me

I’ve been seeing endless raves on The Hate U Give in my online book clubs, nearly the entire second half of 2018. Today’s the day I finally gave in (can’t take it anymore) and asked the following in yet another OMG-The-Hate-U-Give-was-so-good thread:

Is there a similar read but nonfiction? Please recommend, thanks!

And that’s how Between The World And Me came about. Thank you, fellow bookworm!

So far, though only one recommendation, it seems powerful and good enough.

The thing with books is that there are so many great reads, that when a new read becomes famous, presumably something that wasn’t written addressed before, we forget to seek, dig, or even ask for similar reads in a different genre.

So this time, being the nonfiction nerd who can’t seem to digest fiction, I asked.

And it was answered.

p.s. I have an ant farm on my tbr, I know and I don’t care. As long as I already own it, I’m at some peace even if I can’t get to them just yet.

TBR: Street of Eternal Happiness

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 6.42.44 AM

Although slightly outdated (this is Shanghai, not China, it’s different), I jumped on it. This read has been sitting on my Amazon Wish List for years (five?). There are always books that you are not in a hurry to read and so you stash them at the back of your head and hang around until it goes on a discount. Although I have more books to read than I should… I guess it’s time to get over this before another book on Shanghai hits my TBR pile!