Journalists + Books

This page is dedicated to all the investigative journalists whose books I’ve read and yet to read, in no particular order (some didn’t write books, but have books that are a compilation of their work).

(If you’d like to start somewhere, I suggest you take a look at The IRE book list. Extremely insightful, though it only goes as ‘far’ back as 2010. Topics are limited, of course.)

To summarize, they have written about war, genocide, organized crime, terrorism, crime (e.g. Missoula by Jon Krakauer), humanity, corporate/white-collar crime, politics, famous personalities (e.g. The Everything Store by Brad Stone), religion, cults, and so forth.

This is a work-in-progress as I’ve yet to rummage through my real-life physical bookshelf. 

  • 1 yet to read
  • 2 never wrote a book but has books written about them
  • 3 assassinated
  • 4 suicide
  • 5 killed in action

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