2016 Reading Challenge

I read 33 books in 2016! Quite a feat considering it was quite a year for me us. We moved to Kota Kinabalu from Beijing (major shift in everything), settled our housing, kids in local schools, running around education and immigration departments. Come to think of it, now I’m worried about what I’ll find on my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge! Maybe tonnes of comics! Here goes!

  1. No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden, by Mark Owen
  2. Mastering Jujitsu, by Renzo Gracie
    (Yes, I was active in BJJ but not anymore since leaving Beijing)
  3. Missoula, by Jon Krakauer
    (Jon Krakauer is my favorite author)
  4. Orphanage 41, by Victor Malarek
    (I’ve read few of Malarek’s books. He’s one my top 3 favorite authors)
  5. American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers, by Nancy Jo Sales
  6. Build a Business from Your Kitchen Table, by Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker
    (This was a fluke read)
  7. Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul, by Howard Schultz with Joanne Gordon
  8. Ghetto At The Center of the World, by Gordon Matthews
  9. Tears of the Silenced, by Misty Griffin
  10. Monster: My True Story, by Aileen Wuornos
  11. Under The Same Sky: From Starvation in North Korea to Salvation in America, by Joseph Kim
  12. Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, by Brigitte Gabriel
  13. I Shall Live: Surviving The Holocaust At All Odds, by Henry Orenstein
  14. No More Tomorrows: The Compelling True Story of an Innocent Woman Sentenced to Twenty Years in a Hellhole Bali Prison, by Schapelle Corby
  15. Miss Bangkok: Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute, by Bua Boonmee
  16. A Kim Jong-Il Production: The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker, His Star Actress, and a Young Dictator’s Rise to Power, by Paul Fischer
  17. A String of Stories, by Saket Suryesh
    (This book was is a joke!)
  18. The Complete Titanic Chronicles: A Night to Remember and The Night Lives On, by Walter Lord
    (I am sure I skimmed through most of the book)
  19. Made in the U.S.A.: The Sex Trafficking of America’s Children, by Alisa Jordheim
  20. Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account, by Miklós Nyiszli
  21. Leah Remini: My Escape from Scientology, by Johnny Dodd
    (This shouldn’t count as a book, Goodreads!)
  22. Jihadi John: The Making of a Terrorist, by Robert Verkaik
  23. One of Us: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway, by Åsne Seierstad
  24. Jesus Freaks, by Don Lattin
  25. Not Forgotten: The True Story of My Imprisonment in North Korea, by Kenneth Bae
  26. The Fatal Gift of Beauty: The Trials of Amanda Knox, by Nina Burleigh
  27. Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir, by Amanda Knox
  28. Silent No More: Victim 1’s Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky, by Aaron Fisher
  29. One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment, by Mei Fong
  30. Tragedy in Waco, by Nancy Gibbs
    (This isn’t even a book, Amazon + Goodreads!)
  31. The People’s Republic of Amnesia: Tiananmen Revisited, by Louisa Lim
  32. The Wild Truth, by Carine McCandless
    (I remember finishing this book in very few settings. Into The Wild is my favorite book.)
  33. Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, by Barbara Demick

And the best book?

To be honest, this was waaay harder to pick than 2017. Out of 33, I really believe at least 30 were strong, good reads. The worst read was easy to pick. But not the best. Too many great chefs, too little customers. But since I am making myself do it