Read: Boy Erased

Boy Erased by Garrard Conley

I didn’t know this was turned to a movie prior to reading it. Didn’t know nothing about Nicole Kidman. Nothing. Which is a good thing because everything was left to imagination and getting right into the characters themselves.

There were many insightful quotes. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’ll try to post some of my favorite quotes another day since I don’t have my Kindle with me and I’m too lazy to check on my synced notes on Amazon or Goodreads.

Of course, highly recommended. I could resonate with the author especially on the religion bit. I spent the bulk of my teenaged years in a Baptist church. The church, youth fellowship and everything else was perfect. There wasn’t anything superficial nor hypocritical about it. Put that aside, the whole idea of Christianity and religion and how it represents themselves to determine our sexuality is beyond my reach.

That is all. Be who you want to be. Be who you really are.

Tomorrow I’m facing an uphill battle. It’s the end of an era. And I’ll be moving on to something even more challenging, and that – is my destiny.

Deviated: Religious Connotations

A fellow reader on a Facebook bookworm group suggested “Queer Virtue” (I’m working on my 2019 Reading Challenge, post to come), so I looked it up.

When the words “Rev” popped up, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and scrolled further.

But then I gave up anyway.

I can’t quite absorb books written by religious folks, because it’s, well, likely biased.

As much as they try to preach to the general masses, it is nearly impossible not to invoke religious connotations within their narrative.

There are many other LGBTQIA books that are on my tbr and wish list, so letting this go doesn’t really affect much. But I’m glad to have come across it. I could throw it at some judgmental Christian’s face should the opportunity presents itself (me, Christian upbringing).

p.s. I need to note here that their work in helping the LGBTQIA community prevail in the midst of a bigoted society is admirable. I admire their perseverance and effort, and that books as such are of important if not compulsory influence within their religious communities.