Read: Waco – A Survivor’s Story

Waco: A Survivor’s Story, by David Thibodeau

I can’t recall whether I’ve read another book on Waco – but definitely a lot of other so called ‘in-depth investigative reports’ on the matter. This book is unlike all those reports and writings. This book is by someone who was inside the ground zero when the FBI decided that killing people was the best and right thing to do. The author was also close to the sect’s leader, David Koresh, before David Koresh became David Koresh.

This book also gave another a strong, alternative perspective on David Koresh, his personality, his ‘vision’, his ‘mission’, etc. Again, nothing like what the media has portrayed him since the mid-90s. NOTHING. Nothing close. Although, I’m sure no one in their right mind will agree on his taking young girls as brides. That’s too much. But everything else – you’ve got to try and read this book.

If I could fit something else into my 2019 reading challenge, I’d pick a book on Timothy McVeigh. Perhaps.

Read: Ruthless

Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me by Ron Miscavige (with Dan Koon)

I read Troublemaker before getting my hands dirty on Ruthless. There’s no other way to put this – So here goes: Sometimes, being in a free country can really mess people up especially when it comes to cults and religion. You are deemed as ‘voluntary’ under really f*cked-up circumstances and bystanders can’t do much because of freedom of this, freedom of that – all legal, oddly speaking. When the lunatics abuse it, well – I’m sorry I can’t find a way to end that sentence.

Good read, highly recommended as this isn’t just another “I escaped from Scientology and here’s my harrowing story” book – This one’s authored by David Miscavige’s dad, ffs.