#FriendsWithBooks: A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

What my best friend Amal is currently reading – A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. She was half-asleep when I extorted texted her. She told me she’ll send it ‘in an hour’ once she properly wakes up because she’d had a long night facetiming with her sister. I rolled my eyes and reluctantly typed ‘okay.’ I’m that understanding when it comes to books her.

And she kept her word. And it was 10am+ on New Year’s Day when I texted. And there’s no time difference between our very different worlds. A friend, I am.

ASL of my best friend: 30s/F/Perth WA

#FriendsWithBooks: Top 10 For Men

You know, I’m pretty 100% sure Simon is messing with me because he decided to show me (and antagonize me with), this particular book. But his excuse was, I quote, “This one may not be clear so I took a pic of the cover”.

He’s not reading anything as of late so this’d do.

Few books caught my attention, namely:

  • The Adventures of Tintin (Oh, yes)
  • Save the Cat (Simon here, is a cat person)
  • Dealing with People You Can’t Stand (Now I am really offended.)

Thank you Simon!