Reading + Snacking: Small Fry

What’s better than coffee?

Taiwanese Boba – Pearl Milk Tea (with a brown sugar twist). It’s ridiculous how people (people are people and I am people) associate it with a “younger crowd”. I’m 37 this year and I drink it like I’m 17. Screw people!

A brilliant afternoon with my Kindle and one of my minions (not pictured).

Currently (still) reading: Small Fry by LBJ.

When People…

… in a general book group ask for book recommendations ‘that make them cry at the end’,

For example,

Sometimes I honestly just want to kick myself. How can I ENJOY books that absolutely rip my heart into pieces??? I hate crying, but oh boy, I’m extremely satisfied when a book makes me cry until my face hurts!

Feel free to recommend such books!

I wonder, as a nonfiction reader, if it is appropriate to recommend books that do make you ‘cry at the end’… Holocaust, journalists killed in conflict zones, memoirs about drugs and abandonment, escaping human trafficking, et cetera.

When people…

When people..

When people.

Just, people.

Because, people are people… And I am people, so since people are people, would it make me an asshole to suggest those reads?

The answer is yes, especially when you are responding to a question like the above. Obviously that person is asking for fiction. Why would you burst that person’s ‘need to cry now’ bubble by recommending something really sad?

Don’t do it.