Currently Reading: The Marcos Dynasty

“The Marcos Dynasty” by Sterling Seagrave

Mind-blowing, and I’m barely at 1% (the book’s 506 pages). Having relatives from the Philippines, growing up in a multicultural, multiracial community, and being next door neighbors with them, I literally had no idea how bad (read: fake) it was. And this is only page 14.

However, having highlighted this paragraph (along with 12 others), I find myself unable to identify with it, though I was born and raised in (“Malay”) Malaysia. On the contrary, having lived in Beijing, China, for nearly 10 years, I agree with it, almost completely.

99% to go.

Currently Reading: Small Fry

Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Having read about nomads*, I feel offended on their behalf. Why would people even bother to highlight this?

Is it so profound that I don’t get it, or what?

Please, somebody, anybody, enlighten me. I’d love a good joke, or a strict, no-b*llsh*t criticism for my ignorance.

*A quick example would be how certain tribes/nomads in Sudan would have to move around according to the season/weather to survive – humans and livestock. Not to mention civil unrest for generations – prompting some of them to live a nomadic life.

Doggone it, Oasis.

This has been going on for two years now. Black Friday’s gone. Cyber Monday’s gone. Still, like I said, it’s on-going.

Thought bubble 1: I can’t read with this tiny, stupid little crack on my Paperwhite. 

Thought bubble 2: Sure you can. It’s only a small ass crack.

Thought bubble 3: Just get a new one. Check-out that Oasis, damn it’s so fine.

Thought bubble 4: Oh yeah, those buttons, especially. Mm-mmm

Thought bubble 5: Let’s go online. 

Thought bubble 6: OMG. It’s still $250. Seriously? I’m gonna have to pay $250 for a Kindle?

Thought bubble 7: Whatever happened to the Voyage? That was cheaper!

Thought bubble 8: Dammit. Didn’t you know? It’s always been $250, you dumbass.

Thought bubble 9: There are other brands, you know. Like that weird name. Tolino! Nook? Booze?

Thought bubble 10: FFS, just stick to the Kindle brand, please. You’re not young anymore.


Thought bubble 12: The Paperwhite’s working just fine. So is the other Kindle. So is the Fire. You don’t need an upgrade. Not now. $250 will turn into $150 some day. 

Thought bubble 13: Run along, guys. See you next week.

Thought  bubbles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12: See you next week.