Silent Book Club: Kota Kinabalu Chapter

I’m stoked! Do I sound stoked? In less than five days and I’ll be hosting the first Silent Book Club meet in town!

While I’m not worried about zero low turnout, I am anxious about my favorite reading corner at my usual Starbucks being taken up by someone who hates reading 😅 Talk about priorities!

I took some photos of the said Starbucks and I’ll post them here soon.

Hope to meet some fellow bookworms then.

Over and out!

TBR: The Sarawak Report

This is the other book which was included in the paper bag. Time to search for my reading light. The last time I used one was 2007. If that fails, I’ll just have to get a new one online!

ETA: Realized I gave my reading light away to a special little someone! That thing was bought sometime in 2003-4, and runs on x4 AAA batteries (omg I hope she treasures that relic). So I ended up buying new ones, a design which I came across on Litsy! Hope it’ll arrive before Christmas!