I’ve been on a life slump lately. Not just reading. But life in general. So much has happened, it’s a shame that I do not wish to blog about it. I might turn it into a book, though. Now, isn’t that something relevant to reading?

Okay. Let me get to something more important than what’s been going on in my life.

I’m currently reading:

  • Stolen Girls by Wolfgang Bauer.
  • Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano.

I was previously reading but stalled:

  • From The Ground Up by Howard Schultz
  • and dozens more.

It’s nearing the end of 2019. So much has happened. So much is still happening. I am overwhelmed, but I’ll never give up on reading because it’s the only escape I have. Peace out.

Read: Gangs of Stockholm

Gangs of Stockholm by Luke G. Dahl

This is the only book I read in 2018 where I corresponded with the author via email a couple of times. I’m so glad to have wrote him, because he wrote back!

Like many readers out there, we read certain books to support new authors; all without any exchanges (e.g. gifts, cash, follow-backs, etc.), we voluntarily give them reviews so that they could gain some exposure through our reviews. So yeah, this was one of those reads for me.

I choose not to divulge what the author has shared with me – but in all, the book was a good read as it gave me a glimpse inside a city I am unfamiliar with – Stockholm. Bits of culture, family values, school life, etc. There’s a little love story entangled within the violent pages, amidst the dangers leading a double life (normal kid in gang).

p.s. I got into trouble with Amazon over one of his books. I stupidly mentioned in one of my book reviews (not this book) that we corresponded. It wasn’t even a biased review, as in favorable toward the author (I be damned as I didn’t screenshot my review), and I didn’t even give that read 5 stars. Regardless, Amazon Books, being the sh*th**d they always are, decided to ban me from their platform. So while I still get to purchase books, I am no longer allowed to post reviews. What bollocks!

TBR: Operation Playboy

(my 7yo wanted to include his Ford Mustang so I let him.)

This book was on sale and I caved. Not because I don’t have enough on my purchased+tbr pile, but because I have read three of her books and all three were in hard copies, so instead of getting an ebook, why not get the real book to complete the collection!

(I was choosing between Ken Mogi’s Ikigai and this).


A friend of mine recently traveled to a city which has one of the best bookstores in the region. Unfortunately, though, the region is called Asia. So the book selection, well, let’s not elaborate on that. Before he took off, I’d asked him to get me In Extremis by Lindsey Hilsum (preferably hardcover, I rarely spend on hardcovers). Few days later, he sent a text, saying they didn’t carry the book. I’d have to order (from them) online.

“Yeah. Sure. Might as well get it online then,” I replied. He caught my drift.

“I’ll check at the airport, too, but don’t get your hopes up,” he said.

Two days later. A text came.

“The Malaysian government has banned your book.”

“What??? F**k them, I’ll get it from Book Depository! They can go f**k themselves!” I replied.

“It was a joke. The airport doesn’t have it, neither.”

We exchanged couple more texts and decided to accumulate some books, and he’ll be the one placing the orders online.

I was looking forward to In Extremis being my first real book in years, but it failed to suffice. Guess having Operation Playboy ain’t that bad. Afterall, she’s an accomplished investigative journalist – my Achilles heel.

Also added her to my project page, “Journalists + Books”.

Here’s another photo I took before the Ford Mustang drove by.

p.s. I’ve read three of her books: Schapelle Corby – My Story, Snowing in Bali, and Hotel K. Quick, but insightful true crime reads. I’ll leave you with the following page (from Operation Playboy), and –

Happy reading everyone. Merry Christmas.