Read: The Bigamist

Ah. This book. I always have weak knees for “true stories”, because at least I know I’m in for something conventional, even if the entire story didn’t fully play out in real life.

I am most certainly not convinced that this is ‘The most shocking Internet dating story you will ever come across’, as purported by The Sun.

But I read it anyway, partly because I’m not familiar with bigamy (polygamy is more popular, ain’t so?). Bigamy is boring wrong, though certain communities practice it. But, whether it’s deception by the man or the woman or whichever gender people identify with, the act in itself is still despicable. Personally, I think polygamy is worse. Far worse. “Organized polygamy” (I “made” that up) is the worst. Think Mormonism and Islam, for example.

I won’t recommend this read if you have other books to read, really.