Read: An Ordinary Man

You should read this before watching Hotel Rwanda (in case you planned to watch it). It would be wrong to use the cliché, “the book’s always better than the movie”, because this isn’t a just a book. This is historically disturbing. This is heavy. Very heavy. Graphic, even.

If you’re clueless about Rwanda’s history, this is the book to begin with (I have read more or less 7-8 books on the subject matter). The author delved a bit deeper into the history of the tribes, mentioning life during his forefathers time and also life with neighbors of different tribes. Unlike other accounts I’ve read, the author also wrote somewhat intensively about the roles played by the radio stations, the build up on how ignorance and hatred was turned into propaganda, and from propaganda into a 100-days bloodbath.

Many parts of Africa and the Middle East are still at war, tribal or religious. Asia is not spared. Recommended reading for everyone. Appreciate what you have and never take anything for granted.