Read: Between The World And Me

I recently completed this read. It didn’t pop-up on my radar until I got fed-up with The Hate U Give

Random Internet find: “HBCUs were founded in response to segregationist policies that prevented African-American students from attending the same schools as white people.” Link here (Warning: Betsy DeVos will pop-up).

Last but not least, this is a very American book. Not quite meant for an international audience, but local. I found myself slowing down to do some research, which is always a good thing. I also had to skim past medieval literary references (because I don’t like that genre), which isn’t always a good habit I admit… Not much mention of pop elements, though a lot on the lines of Martin Brown and Trayvon Martin.

This isn’t a real review of the context of the book. Because I know, that I am no where close to be able to write anything substantial, let alone smart.

Added TBR: Between The World And Me

I’ve been seeing endless raves on The Hate U Give in my online book clubs, nearly the entire second half of 2018. Today’s the day I finally gave in (can’t take it anymore) and asked the following in yet another OMG-The-Hate-U-Give-was-so-good thread:

Is there a similar read but nonfiction? Please recommend, thanks!

And that’s how Between The World And Me came about. Thank you, fellow bookworm!

So far, though only one recommendation, it seems powerful and good enough.

The thing with books is that there are so many great reads, that when a new read becomes famous, presumably something that wasn’t written addressed before, we forget to seek, dig, or even ask for similar reads in a different genre.

So this time, being the nonfiction nerd who can’t seem to digest fiction, I asked.

And it was answered.

p.s. I have an ant farm on my tbr, I know and I don’t care. As long as I already own it, I’m at some peace even if I can’t get to them just yet.