Goodreads Choice Awards 2018: Voted (and guilty)


Ah, the annual Goodreads Choice Awards 2018.

I voted “Educated” (Memoir/Autobiography) and “Bad Blood” (Non-Fiction).

Of the 20 within the Memoir/Autobiography category, I read two, the other being “A River in Darkness“, by Masaji Ishikawa (a book which I read in 2017, not 2018).

Of the 20 within the Non-Fiction category, I read two, the other being “Not That Bad“, edited by Roxane Gay.

If you think about it, you could only vote based on the books you chose to┬áread, which makes it rather… hmmm. It’s like voting for a parliamentary (or congress) candidate, except that you only know about the one or two you choose to support without giving 18 others a chance. Doesn’t matter because they never caught your attention anyway!

Regardless. I voted. What a hypocrite! I’ve only read two from each category!

Looking forward to the final results. Openly vouching for John Carreyrou here!

Never Ever: Google An Author Giving An Interview While Reading The Book!

I never do that. At least never on purpose before reading books on my tbr pile.

But I was googling for Shawn Westover (a thread I started on my Facebook reading group, where someone mentioned Paul Rudd should play Shawn, so curiosity got me rolling), and landed myself on a CBS segment on YouTube.

It was a short interview, but I guess I wanted to hear what Tara sounded like, instead of Shawn, because I did the same with Elizabeth Holmes (she’s known for faking a deep voice to fake-it-until-you-make-it in Silicon Valley) barely a week ago.

And that’s when I learned Shawn was the only pseudonym used throughout the book.

It may not seem like a big of a deal to a non-reader but it did damage my reading moving forward a little.

No more Googling!