Bookstore Blues

I went to a bookstore today. I felt a rush of sadness as I stood in front of the bestsellers. No. Pretty much all of them. Not just bestsellers and new releases. Not just nonfiction. But all of them. I walked past cooking, gardening, comics, religion, everything. Everything just felt so sad to me.

The fact that I could no longer justify the need to purchase a physical book saddens me. Why so sad?

I have two Kindles and a Fire which I use for Audible. I haven’t bought a single paperback this year. Last year, too, if I’m not mistaken.

Someone recently said to me (and many other random someones),

You paid $14.99 for that? It’s not even a real book!

See, this is why we don’t have enough good reads going around. People complain all the time. It’s as if the book itself isn’t worth the dollar. It’s as if these people are putting the price to the paper, the entire physicality of a medium, literally.

My dad bought two books recently, The Sarawak Report and Billion Dollar Whale. He doesn’t own a Kindle. The iPad has officially replaced everything else in his life, including cable TV and his only daughter. Anyway, I’m waiting for him to finish before I swoop in and claim them as mine, forever. I’m actually looking forward to holding them in my hands. Weird, but true… though I’m certain I will attempt to touch the pages and highlight texts…

And oh. I left the bookstore with a portable magnetic dartboard…

That is all.

Traveler: Tempting, But

I’ve been contemplating for at least three months whether to get the Traveler: Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool, or a new cellphone (I just need more storage and RAM).

But today, I had an epiphany. Big word! But what I’m about to reveal is common sense.

Here goes – the delivery date.

June 2019.

That’s the end of Q2 and the beginning of Q3 in corporate speak.

That’s eight months from now!

And that’s also probably two years in tech calendar. I’m being conservative, but also generous.

They say good things come with time and patience.

But this is technology. There’s no waiting time, especially not in technology. If you catch my drift…

Goodbye, Traveler. I wish you well, and I hope when June comes, I haven’t moved on from this one-sided, lunatic break-up…