Read: The Anatomy of Cheating

The Anatomy of Cheating by Nesly Clerge

I read three fiction this year, and this is the worst read of the little lot.

The plot was predictable, although toward the end, say, 3/5 into the book, the twist was kinda cool though I somewhat saw it coming. There’s no way else to twist and turn at that stage, unless you add another murder, or another lover, and the book will just go on and on until it ends at page 743.

My girlfriend (no offense to you, my lovely Too Much Trouble – love your initials btw! p.s. remember ‘Dolphin’ from Beijing 2008?) recommended this read to me as a means to distract me from my reading slump. Also, the three of us (tsk, Vuckovic) were talking about something naughty and we all love to read so this semi-naughty read came up. I remember how TMT was telling me how this book changed (some of) her perspective in a good way. I don’t think it had impacted me in any way, because, murder – that ain’t common where I grew up/live!

(Yeah, who knows. I know.)

I won’t recommend this for serious or casual nonfiction readers, not even as a ‘quick break’ from reality. Also, I think the author came up with a great title for a not-so-great book! What a waste!