Read: A Long Walk To Water

A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park

I hadn’t watched any YouTube interviews between the author and the subject matters before diving straight into the book. As a not-so-flexible nonfiction reader, I tend to take two steps back on books written under the cover of “based on a true story” or real events that are, unfortunately, published under the big N word, “novel” – Although, both of them deserve separate credits for what they intend to deliver, influence.

But I made an exception for this read because it’s Sudan, and that the author pulled me in right from the beginning. I have read a few accounts on Sudan, so I was somewhat familiar with certain events and could thus relate to this read better.

A Long Walk To Water – All one needs is pure determination to change lives. But it won’t be possible without help, assistance and support from others. These people are all larger than life. Thank you to the author for making this story a living legacy.

Reading: I, Who Did Not Die


If I finish this book by 31st December 2018 (I’ll try not to, since I’ve already completed my reading challenge for 2018), I think it’ll be a tie with my favorite book of the year. It will sound like an understatement super cliché if I used the following words to describe this book: ‘necessary’, ‘beyond powerful’, ‘remarkable’. So I will try to omit those words in my post once I’m done.

Thanks to this book, I have decided to separate my ‘Best Book’ categories into the following:

  • Current Affairs, War & History
  • Business
  • Memoir/Autobiography
  • True Crime
  • Biography
  • etc.

I have yet to write a post on In Extremis, which I’ve finished a week ago, and the remaining 20+ books. I guess I just don’t know how to make them sound smart. Because they are all better and smarter than me, than the world-at-large, than you.

Yemen is still in peril, so is Syria. So many ‘disappeared’ Chinese dissidents who are under house arrest that no one cares about in power cares or dares to interfere. Some dead, unreported. Law abiding Muslims oppressed in Xinjiang. Captured and assassinated journalists who are treated as ‘political prisoners’ around the world. This planet we are living in, fml – and yet we continue to bear children.

Here’s to 2019 – for better or for worse.